Adele Is Fat Jokes

Note that all jokes were taken from various websites and were not created by the official "Adele Is Fat" crew.

1. Adele: you know you're fat when no one has even mentioned you're ginger.
2. Adele says she's been hurt by fat jokes about her and is going through a lot of pain.  Yeah, probably Pain au Chocolat.
3. My laptop is f**ked. It just keeps playing "Chasing Pavements" over and over again.  Probably because it's a Dell.
4. If I have 5 pies in one hand and and six pies in the other hand what have I got?  Two more trips to Adele's table in my restaurant to complete her order.
5. Manager: "Adele, you just received an offer from Hollywood, they say they have a big role for you in the new Jerry Maguire movie. What do you think?"
Adele: "You had me at big roll."
6. I bought Adele's album the other day.  Ironically, it wasn't over until the fat lady stopped singing.  Adele - Chasing Pavements-If she chased something that moved, she won't be as fat.  Adele- "Rolling in the Deep"- Because she's too fat to walk
7. Adele is so fat, her blood type is Ragu.  Adele is so fat, when she takes a shower, her feet don't get wet.  Adele is so fat, she lives in 3 time zones: breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time.  "Some musicians grab their guitars when writing a song, I grab another plate" - Adele